Verification Policy & Process


Diamocycle Verification Promise

Every item in our Diamocycle Marketplace has gone through our Diamocycle Verification Process to protect our buyers, sellers, and the high caliber of customer service and diamonds upon which we have built our business for decades.  

The Diamocycle Promise

What sets Diamocycle apart is our deep commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service. We take pride in providing both an unparalleled client experience and an exceptional inventory of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry to our esteemed clientele.  

The Diamocycle Verification Promise  

The Diamocycle Verification Promise asserts that every item on our Marketplace has been tested in accordance with our Diamond Verification Process. All diamonds listed are of the caliber and quality described, allowing us to offer peace of mind and a high-quality marketplace to buyers and sellers alike.  

By verifying our diamonds we are able to offer value to both our buyers and sellers. By adding a Diamocycle Verification Process into your transaction, we’re removing the risk of buying and selling stones online and promise you a smooth, profitable, and easy process.

Why We Verify

Verifying every item listed benefits both buyers and sellers. With Diamocycle verification, sellers are able to list their item for a higher price than they might on a non-verified diamond marketplace. Buyers, similarly, have an industry expert’s assurance that what they are buying will truly match what they receive. In addition, by having a Diamocycle-supported Marketplace both buyers and sellers have a trusted environment and a secure marketplace to exchange used loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. 

By employing safeguards such as the Diamocycle Verification Process, we aim to ward against fraud and misrepresentation and to facilitate a safer marketplace transaction. With Diamocycle, your valuables and your transactions are always protected and insured while in transit, to keep your valuable items safe. As always, we have customized our process to protect our buyers and sellers and offer the highest quality of experience. 

The Diamocycle Verification Process

 Before being authorized to purchase or sell on the Diamocycle Marketplace, each user’s identity must be verified by Vouched, which confirms the identifying information provided by each user is accurate and true. This verification process allows us to safeguard against user fraud and maintain a trusted and verified commercial space. 

Once buyers and sellers have been verified, each item listed on our Diamocycle Marketplace is verified by a Diamocycle Expert or Our Associated Diamond Lab. Our in-house gemologist team and external lab have over 50 years of industry experience and have provided their expertise and diamond analysis for a variety of clients completing transactions in the six-figure range. 

To ensure there is no bias in the process, we send every piece received to an independent lab for a complimentary verification.    

Our Diamocycle Verification ensures that the following aspects of the item match the description listed as follows: 

  • Center / Loose Diamonds with GIA Certificate: 

    • Carat Weight

    • Color

    • Clarity

    • Authenticity

      • We will confirm your diamond’s authenticity by testing that it is natural (not man-made/synthetic, hasn’t undergone any treatments, and that no diamond stimulants are present.

  • Center / Loose  with Non-GIA Certificate (or No Certificate):  

    • Estimated Carat Weight / Dimensions

    • Shape

    • Condition as Visible 

    • Authenticity

      • We will confirm your diamond’s authenticity by testing that it is natural (not man-made/synthetic, hasn’t undergone any treatments, and that no diamond stimulants are present.

  • Setting (GIA & Non-Gia) 

    • Metal Type

    • Metal Purity

      • Please note that purity rating of older and antique jewelry may be under market purity. 

  • Any Additional Diamonds

    • Authenticity

      • We will confirm that your diamond is indeed natural and will test that it is not man-made and that no diamond stimulants are present.


Please note the following disclaimers pertain to items purchased on The Diamocycle Marketplace: 

  • Used settings and jewelry are second-hand and sold as-is.  Normal wear and damage to prongs due to stone removal is normal and to be expected. Buyers should assume they will have some repair or resetting charges when purchasing used jewelry. 

  • For Non-GIA Certified Items: Diamond certificates that are not GIA do not accurately reflect the industry standards of diamond grading that Diamocycle and other industry professionals rely on when calculating item values. Diamocycle advises buyers of Non-GIA Certified Items that these certificates are not confirming to GIA standards. 

  • Diamond Laboratory Service Disclosure: Diamocycle may employ a reputable independent diamond lab to certify items in its Marketplace. Due to factors beyond Diamocycle’s control, the lab or its employees may inaccurately represent an item due to human or technical error. Diamocycle does not accept responsibility for any error originating with the processes of Diamond Lab. 

  • Diamond Face-Up Dimension Disclosure: For diamonds for which no GIA certificate is provided, Diamocycle will do its best to offer Face-Up Dimension Estimates. That said, diamond depth may be difficult to measure, impacting the carat value that can be verified.  Diamocycle advises buyers that Non-GIA Certified Stones may not have an accurate Carat weight, and should assume that the actual Carat weight may not correspond to the Estimated Face-Up Dimensions provided.