Buyer’s Guide

Discover the Diamocycle Marketplace

Buying an engagement ring doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Diamocycle aims to make this complex and often convoluted process simple by connecting vetted sellers to vetted buyers with our Diamond Marketplace. 

As a buyer, we offer you the ability to purchase diamond jewelry risk-free and at a fraction of the usual expense (and stress) with our online Diamocycle Marketplace. Each listed item is verified by an expert Diamocycle appraiser, ensuring that every item is priced fairly and transparently. 

The Diamocycle Difference: What Sets Us Apart

How It Works: Buying Diamonds Made Simple

1. Browse Our Diamond Collection

Browse our available items and find your dream diamond jewelry.

2. Select Your Item

Complete your checkout process through a secure payment gateway. We’ll hold onto your payment until we verify the quality of your item.

3. Diamocycle Verifies Your Item

The seller will then ship your gorgeous item to us for inspection. Once your item passes inspection, we will ship the item to you via FedEx Fully insured through Jewelers Mutual Shipping Solutions (Free of Charge) and release your payment to the seller.

4. Be Delighted

You can expect to receive your item 7-10 days after you’ve completed your payment. Welcome to an easier, more accessible way to buy quality diamonds.

To protect you and our process, please note: Diamocycle will NEVER email wire payment instructions to you.

The Diamocycle Difference

What sets Diamocycle apart is our deep commitment to an excellent customer experience. 

With that in mind, we inspect and verify each item that is bought on our marketplace. By doing so, we guarantee quality and fair prices to both our buyers and our sellers. By including a Diamocycle Verification Procedure and Diamocycle Return Policy into our process, we’re removing the risk of buying and selling stones online and promising you a smooth, profitable, and easy process. Feel comfortable buying diamonds online again with Diamocycle. Your satisfaction and delight are guaranteed.