About Us

The Diamocycle Promise

What sets Diamocycle apart is our deep commitment to an excellent customer experience.

With that in mind, we inspect and verify each item that is sold on our marketplace. By doing so, we guarantee quality and fair prices to both our buyers and our sellers. By adding a Diamocycle Verification into our process, we’re removing the risk of buying and selling stones online and promise you a smooth, profitable, and easy process. Feel comfortable selling diamonds online again with Diamocycle. Your satisfaction and delight are guaranteed.

The Motch-Dwight Legacy

In 1857, Michael Charles Motch began a family tradition of diamond and jewelry expertise that would span over five generations.

From the founding of Motch Jewelers in Covington, KY in 1857, four years before the Civil War, to present day, The Motch-Dwight family has always taken the utmost care to protect their customers’ best interests and to offer the highest level of service and quality jewelry. 

This family commitment to excellence and expertise in fine jewelry has passed down the generations starting with to Diamocycle CEO & Founder, Jonathan Dwight. 

With over 27 years in the diamond industry and the family business, Jonathan Dwight is honored to bring his great-great grandfather’s legacy into the modern age. Maintaining The Motch-Dwight commitment to quality service and excellence, Diamocycle lives by the same standards and values that have allowed a family business to not only survive, but thrive across five generations and 160 years.