Diamonds in Demand: Top 5 Places to Sell Your Lab-Created Diamond Ring, Featuring Diamocycle

If you’re considering parting ways with your lab-created diamond ring, finding the right platform for selling is crucial. Explore these top 5 places, including the esteemed Diamocycle, where you can confidently sell your lab-created diamond ring for a fair value.

Diamocycle: A Legacy of Trust in Diamond Trade

Diamocycle, with a family history dating back to 1857 in the diamond trade, stands as a trusted destination to sell your lab-created diamond ring. The platform’s commitment to excellence and transparency ensures a seamless selling experience. Benefit from Diamocycle’s legacy, as they curate and value lab-created diamonds with precision, offering a fair and competitive price.

Worthy: Auction Your Lab-Created Diamond Ring

Worthy is an online auction platform that specializes in selling diamonds and fine jewelry. Their unique approach involves auctioning your lab-created diamond ring to a network of qualified buyers. This competitive bidding process often results in obtaining the highest market value for your jewelry. Worthy provides a secure and transparent selling platform.

Brilliant Earth: Ethical Resale and Responsible Practices

Brilliant Earth, known for its ethical sourcing of diamonds, also offers a platform for the resale of lab-created diamond rings. Their commitment to responsible practices extends to the second-hand market, providing sellers with an ethical and transparent avenue to find a new home for their lab-created diamond ring.

IDC Jewelry Buyer: Specialized in Lab-Created Diamonds

IDC Jewelry Buyer specializes in buying lab-created diamonds and fine jewelry. With a focus on transparency and fair pricing, IDC Jewelry Buyer offers a straightforward selling process. Sellers can benefit from their expertise in evaluating lab-created diamonds, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction.

WP Diamonds: Streamlined Process for Lab-Created Diamonds

WP Diamonds is a reputable buyer of diamonds, including lab-created diamonds. Their streamlined process involves a straightforward online valuation, offering convenience to sellers. With a team of experts and a commitment to fair pricing, WP Diamonds provides a reliable option for selling your lab-created diamond ring.


When it comes to selling your lab-created diamond ring, these top 5 places, including Diamocycle, offer diverse options catering to various preferences. Whether you prioritize a legacy in the diamond trade, ethical resale, competitive auctions, specialized expertise, or a streamlined online process, each platform ensures a trustworthy and transparent experience, allowing you to secure the best value for your lab-created diamond ring.