A Guide To The Tolkowsky Diamond

A Guide To The Tolkowsky Diamond

At Diamocycle, we love sharing the History of diamonds; our family legacy in diamonds began in 1857, over 150 years ago. In This installment of the Dispatch, we discuss a Tolkowsky diamond and its History.


What is The Tolkowsky Diamond?

Tolkowsky diamonds are a type of diamond that is known for its exceptional cut quality. The Tolkowsky cut, also known as the ideal cut, is a specific style of cutting a diamond to maximize its brightness, fire, and scintillation. The Tolkowsky family, famous diamond cutters, created the ideal cut in 1919 to bring out the maximum beauty and brilliance in a diamond.

Tolkowsky diamonds are characterized by a high degree of symmetry, precision, and optical symmetry, which helps to distribute light evenly throughout the stone. As a result, Tolkowsky diamonds are known for their exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

These diamonds are considered some of the finest and are often used in high-end jewelry pieces, including engagement rings. Because of their exceptional cut quality, Tolkowsky diamonds are generally more expensive than other diamonds of similar carat weight. However, many people believe that the extra cost is worth it for the exceptional beauty and brilliance of a Tolkowsky diamond.


The History of Tolkowsky Diamonds

The Tolkowsky diamond cut was created by the famous Tolkowsky family of diamond cutters in 1919. Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian mathematician and diamond expert, was the first to develop the principles of the ideal cut, which became known as the Tolkowsky cut.

Tolkowsky’s ideal cut was based on mathematical principles that considered how light travels through a diamond and how it is reflected and refracted to create the maximum amount of brilliance and fire. He determined the ideal proportions for a diamond cut, including the depth, table size, and angles, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter the diamond and be reflected back to the viewer.

The Tolkowsky family continued to refine the ideal cut and made it widely known through their teachings and writings. Today, the Tolkowsky cut is considered one of the finest diamond cuts available and is often used in high-end jewelry pieces, including engagement rings.

While the Tolkowsky name is synonymous with the ideal cut, the cut is not patented, and other diamond cutters have adopted the principles of the ideal cut and used them to create their own versions of the Tolkowsky diamond. Regardless of the name, diamonds cut to the principles of the ideal cut are known for their exceptional brilliance, fire, and scintillation.