Top 6 Places Where To Purchase Used Wedding Rings in 2024

Top 6 Places Where To Purchase Used Wedding Rings in 2023


Across our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, we take the mystery out of purchasing used wedding rings. In this installment of the Dispatch, we tell you our favorite places to find used wedding rings online. So please tune in for our top list of venues to score the perfect deal on a used wedding ring.


 #1 Everything but the House

 Everything but the house is an exciting venue to shop for used wedding rings. Sellers submit their items, and expert appraisers verify the listings. Professionals then photograph the used wedding rings, and Online Auctions take place. a winner can find a bargain in a used wedding ring. Unfortunately, many dealers sell their used wedding rings on the site, so you’re only sometimes getting a used ring directly from the source. However, it is possible to find still an interesting vintage or antique used wedding ring from an estate.


#2 Facebook Marketplace

 If you’re looking for used wedding rings online, directly from sellers, Facebook Marketplace can be a starting point. Beware of fraud attempts, and understand that safeguards on this Marketplace are not ideal for offering a secure vetted transaction. We advise you to use both care and caution for your physical safety and to avoid potential fraudulent listings that are not real. A local jeweler should inspect your purchase before paying for the item. Be careful not to make sure that the thing was not switched during the transaction and that the item you’re receiving contradicts the listing you’re trying to purchase.


#3  eBay

 eBay has a massive amount of jewelry for sale, including an incredible amount of used wedding rings. Are pro tip is to stick to eBay stores from vetted sellers so that you know that the item you’re getting is legitimate. Remember, there’s no third-party inspector, so buyer beware. 


#4 Have You Seen the Ring

Have you seen the ring is an online Marketplace for pre-owned rings? The site has been around for a while and has a vast selection of pre-owned wedding rings. The site is pretty easy to navigate and is a very ethical business. However, they list new and used items on the site, so only some appear pre-owned.


#5 I do Now I Don’t

 I Do Now I Don’t is one of the more significant marketplaces for pre-owned rings. The site has had several complaints from the Better Business Bureau,  but in fairness, they are directed more toward people selling their items than buyers. Buyers should be aware of several fracture-filled diamonds on the site. The site also has several dealers who must be identified as professional sellers. So be careful that you’re paying a fair market price for a pre-owned wedding ring. This is a good research point if you’d like to look at several pre-owned wedding rings.


#6 Diamocycle 

 Well, we have to plug ourselves here. Our Legacy and diamonds and jewelry began in 1857; we published The Diamocycle Dispatch, an educational resource for buyers and sellers of diamonds. We offer honest and unbiased advice. We also invest in the latest technology to buy and sell a pre-owned wedding ring or preloved Diamond at a reasonable market Price. We hope you take the time to shop on our Marketplace, and we also hope you take a look at some of our other articles to expand your knowledge on purchasing a pre-owned ring online.