6 Tips For Buying A .75 Carat Diamond Ring

6 Tips For Buying A .75 carat Diamond Ring


Across our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, We take pride in taking the mystery out of buying a diamond ring. Our Legacy and diamonds and jewelry began and 1857, over 150 years ago. We offer honest advice for buyers and sellers of diamond rings. While times have changed over the 150 years since we found it our business, the principles of ethical business have not. We Believe reputation is hard to earn but easy to lose. 


  1. Set A Budget

So what’s the most important thing when buying a .75-carat diamond ring? The first place is that you need to set a budget. Your budget will determine the quality of the ring that you can buy. And we advise you that while diamonds can be an investment, this ring is not one. It is an investment in your loved ones’ happiness, but it should not be considered a financial investment. Instead, it should be allocated toward your household expense category. Traditionally, three months of wages were considered the average amount a person should spend on an engagement ring, but times and traditions have changed. We suggest that you air on the side of being conservative when purchasing a diamond ring, so if you may have budgeted for a one-carat diamond, your decision to buy a point. .75 carat diamond and investing the rest of the money might be wise. Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.


  1. How To Get A Good Deal 

 How do I get a good deal with the most budget I have? This should be your next question when looking at a point.75-carat diamond ring. Avoid the high markup malls and local Jewelers because they have a tremendous markup to do business. Our advice is to shop online for a point .75-carat diamond ring. If you’re buying a .75-carat diamond ring new, Blue Nile might be an excellent starting point. If you’re shopping for a used .75-carat diamond ring,  please look at our Marketplace. While our Marketplace is not the only place, you should shop for diamond rings. It is one of the many places to look for pre-owned diamond rings online. Remember, you’re paying a huge markup when you purchase a new diamond ring, and you can save quite a bit by buying a pre-owned diamond ring.


  1. Diamond Certificate

 When shopping for a pre-owned diamond ring, it must come with a diamond certificate. The gemological Institute of America, or GIA,  is the Pinnacle of diamond certificates in the United States and globally. AGS is also a very well-respected diamond grading agency. When shopping for a .75-carat diamond ring, we suggest you search for one with either of these certificates. The Marketplace should also offer an inspection service from a reputable third-party Laboratory that verifies the validity of the diamond certificate before delivery. 


  1. Diamond Setting

Diamond settings depreciate and undergo several series of markups. Therefore it can be highly advantageous to purchase a pre-owned Diamond setting. They have little value past the point of commodity of materials when they are pre-owned.. thus you can score a deal by buying a pre-owned Diamond setting. Pre-owned is the way to go if you’re interested in antique or vintage settings. If you are purchasing a new diamond setting, we suggest you spend most of your money on the Diamond Center Stone and opt for a more straightforward classic style. An example of this is this four or six-prong Tiffany setting.


  1. Your Partner’s Preferences

 The most important factor when shopping for .75 carat diamond ring is understanding what your partner wants. Remember, their Styles and taste dictate the ring and not your preferences. Make sure to talk to the friends and family you trust, and try to get suggestions. Often your partner will drop hints about what they like. It’s essential to be aware. Remember, you’re also going to need their ring size. 


  1. Where to Buy Your .75-carat Diamond Ring.  

If you’re looking for the best value, purchase a 0.75-carat diamond ring. Please consider shopping online. Our preferred venue for shopping for a .75-carat diamond ring is the pre-owned Marketplace for rings. An ideal Marketplace verifies all purchases by a third-party lab and offers some form of return or credit for your investment. We discussed several options for purchasing pre-owned in In our publication Diamocycle  Dispatch.