A Review of Have You Seen The Ring

A Review of Have You Seen The Ring


Our publication of the Diamocycle Dispatch provides honest feedback for buyers and sellers of used diamond rings. Our Legacy and diamonds began in 1857, over 150 years ago. We take pride in giving you the advice we would share with a valued customer. In this installment of the Dispatch, we are proud to review an online Marketplace. While there are many online marketplaces where you could choose to sell your diamond ring, there are very few diamonds specific marketplaces.


What Have You Seen the Ring Does Right.  


 It is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of diamonds and jewelry. They also offer watches for sale on their site. They’re honest buyers and sellers of jewelry and offer a way to monetize new or used diamond rings. They also are a platform to purchase a used diamond ring and add a fair price if you are a knowledgeable consumer. After reading the reviews, they are also honest about paying their customers for selling items on their platform. This is only the case for some marketplaces, which have had many complaints for I’m the Better Business Bureau. The listings on Have You Seen The Ring are straightforward to view, and it is possible to find what you’re looking for. If you are an experienced shopper knowledgeable about diamonds, using this Marketplace will be easy for you to navigate. 


Overall 3/5 Rating


Some Areas for Improvement


Have You Seen The Ring has been a player in the online Diamond Marketplace for some time.  They offer honest services and are a reliable, legitimate business. 


Vague Price Guidance


The first and most important is that it is easy to overpay on this Marketplace, as their price guidance is an outdated diamond calculator that provides very high retail pricing. It’s very high retail pricing may be attractive to sellers looking to sell their items, but it is doubtful they will ever receive these prices. Further, if buyers were to pay these prices, they would be paying an above-average online retail price for their diamond ring, especially for used items. The site also lists several used and new diamonds and treated diamonds. 

Overall, 2/5 For Pricing Guidance


Treated Diamonds on The Marketplace


Treated diamonds are diamonds that procedures have altered. We never recommend you purchase a treated diamond It was treated because it was very low quality and extremely hard to sell. Treated diamonds have a value fraction of the price of untreated natural diamonds. 

Overall, 1/5 For Product Confusion


Selling New and Used Diamonds


The site also links to Rapnet, a massive database of new diamonds. Rapnet offers this service for websites as a link where they can list other dealers’ diamonds. The only issue with this is that if you buy a new diamond instead of a used one, you will likely get a better price and a better selection if you shop at Blue Nile. Blue Nile is the largest Online Marketplace for new diamonds and an excellent source for new GIA-certified diamonds.

Overall 3/5 For Vague Description of New VS Used Diamonds


Alternative Source For New Diamonds


Therefore, purchasing a new diamond on Blue Nile would be a more informed place to buy a new diamond. Also, the return terms for a new diamond would be much better at Blue Nile. So, the reason to shop on Have You Seen The Ring is Used a Ring at a discount. 

Best Source For New Diamonds=Blue Nile 5/5


In Summary, These are the Areas for Improvement


Since they have new and used items on their site, it needs to be evident to consumers. Therefore, a consumer can purchase a  new diamond believing it is a used diamond. It would also be straightforward to buy a treated diamond, thinking it was untreated and assuming they were getting a bargain-basement price. They would be mistaken if they were to make either of these purchases. Also, the lack of pricing guidance makes it impossible for the consumer to make an educated purchase. These reasons are why we believe there is a better place to shop.

Overall Score 3/5 For Buying Used Diamonds

Score For New 1/5 For Buying Used

Treated Diamonds=Not Rated or Recommended


 Our preferred Online Marketplace for Used diamonds


Buy& Seller Safe Guards


At Diamocycle, we offer customers a secure place to shop for used diamond engagement rings. We offer a third-party inspection by a reputable gem lab as part of our process. we were refused to list treated diamonds on our Marketplace. We are also currently not listing man-made diamonds on our Marketplace.


Long History in business & Technological Investments


 With over 150 years of experience in the diamond business combined with the latest technology, our proprietary pricing guidance makes buying and selling fair and equitable for everyone. It is still possible to save money on our site and feel very comfortable making your purchase; the item is thoroughly inspected for authenticity and pre-vetted before it is listed on our Marketplace by an experienced  Diamond Merchant. 


Educational Resources


Unlike all of our competitors, our Publication  Diamocycle Dispatch, https://www.diamocycle.com/the-diamocycle-dispatch, Is meant to offer Fair guidance and Education  first. If you choose not to buy or sell with us, our goal is that you read our publication leave more knowledgeable. 


Our reputation is more valuable than your money, so we do everything to protect it. 


Steps To Protect Our Consumers


Sellers are fully vetted through several fraud protection steps, and buyer safeguards are in place, So you can rest assured that we have your interest at heart. If you’re selling an item and wish to inquire about the price, we suggest listing it on our Marketplace; please submit it here. https://www.diamocycle.com/sell-a-diamond.


Shopping For A Used Engagement.


If you’re shopping for a used diamond engagement ring, we suggest you start browsing our Marketplace, and we’re also happy to help, so please drop us a line or contact us with any questions you might have. https://www.diamocycle.com/market-place


Arrange A Personal Call Now


It’s possible to arrange a call With a team member if you’re buying or selling a diamond ring. We look forward to helping you in any way possible and pointing you in the right direction if we cannot assist you directly. https://www.diamocycle.com/inquiry