Jewelry Consignment Near Me?

Jewelry Consignment Near Me?

Jewelry consignment near me is a problem in the modern world. The brick-and-mortar jewelry store has high costs of operating. These costs are ever-increasing, with inflation affecting both labor end local rents.

Our Background in Jewelry Consignment

Here at Diamocycle, We empower our readers to make impactful decisions that help them get the most money for their Consignment jewelry. Our Legacy and Jewelry began in 1857, over 150 years ago. We take pride and giving you the advice we would share with a valued customer.

Covid-19 and Jewelry Consignment 

With the effect of the covid-19 virus, many people turned to the internet to shop. So while the covid-19 virus has ended, online Market places are here to stay.

The Problems of Jewelry Consignment

While some people feel very comfortable leaving their jewelry with a local consignment shop, the problems of local consignment shops are many. Because of their high operating costs, Jewelers must charge a very high fee to the seller. Jewelers also have limited turnover and foot traffic, and items may sit stagnant in their cases for years, hoping to meet a buyer. The question becomes for the seller should you sell your jewelry in a consignment shop near you? The answer is evident to us that this is not your best option in the modern world.

Other Options to Consider for Jewelry Consignment Online

Some options available to the modern seller of Consignment Jewelry are Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and online jewelry auctions like Worthy or Everything But The House. Each of these selling options has its pros and cons, which we discuss in great detail in our publication Diamocycle Dispatch.  The reasons to sell your jewelry online as opposed to a local consignment shop are that you will likely pay a much lower service fee for the transaction. Additionally, most consumers are concerned with the security of their items while selling online. Therefore, it is vital to choose a specialized seller of diamonds with a background in the industry and all the Protections in place to sell your diamond securely. While selling your diamond securely should be your primary concern, and receiving a low service fee, a specialized seller should be able to market your diamond for more money than a local consignment shop. Keeping the diamond in your possession and listed on an online Marketplace is also possible. It would be best if you only had to ship the diamond for an inspection when it sells. Preferred online marketplaces are obviously Diamond specific and have all the safeguards to sell your diamond securely.

Our Favorite Online Marketplace for Jewelry Consignment

We at Diamocycle offer a secure Marketplace to sell your diamond for a high price and a low service fee. We also provide all of the safeguards for our sellers, which allows you to keep your diamond until it is sold. The advantages of the Online Marketplace are clear. We at Diamocycle enable you to Market your diamond to buyers all over the United States. We also use a proprietary formula to sell your diamond for the most accurate market price. Using this formula enables us to keep track of up-to-date market prices and advise you to the seller on the most reasonable cost to sell your diamond. We use modern technology and are over 150 years in the diamond business to provide you with a level of support that is unparalleled in the industry.

The Latest Technology for Jewelry Consignment

At the same time, investing in the latest technology gives you unparalleled support, security, and buyer safeguards that will make everyone feel comfortable throughout the process. In addition, your Consignment jewelry piece is fully insured in transit and inspected by one of the finest gem labs in the world. We look forward to helping you sell your Consignment jewelry piece for the highest market price. Please read some of our other pieces on the Diamocycle Dispatch. We help you stay informed and knowledgeable as a seller of Consignment Jewellery. Feel free to submit your Consignment jewelry piece here