Selling Diamond Ring For The Most Money in 2022

Selling Diamond Ring For The Most 

Money in 2022

  • Diamond Sales Pipeline-Why it Matters to You

  • Selling Fast Means Selling For Less

  • Selling Online is Selling For More

  • Where to Sell a Diamond Ring for More

Across our publication, the Dispatch, we give sellers the information they need to make informed choices with their diamonds and unlock the mysteries of a very opaque industry. Our legacy in diamonds began in 1857, over 150 years ago.

  • Diamond Ring Sales Pipeline-Why it Matters to You.

Understanding the Sales pipeline for a diamond ring means unlocking the secrets to the most money. Where your buyer falls in the channel below determines the price they pay for your diamond ring. The simple test is if your buyer is going to resell your diamond ring, you are not receiving the total value, and your ring recipient is not at the last point of the sales pipeline. Your goal should be to sell to a buyer who is your ring’s final destination or end consumer. With this information, you now know whom to sell to and who will pay the most for your ring. How do you sell to this end user? We unlock this secret below.

  • Selling Fast Means Selling For Less

When you sell any asset quickly, you are unlikely to capture the total market value. Instead, you are capturing a small portion of the total value of your diamond ring. The buyer who pays you cash today needs to resell your ring, which may be sold to up to 2-3 parties before it reaches its destination. So, is selling your ring for cash today the best option? The answer is not if you can afford to sell to a final retail customer. The test again is if the buyer will sell your ring or use it. Remember, you want a buyer who is the user, not the seller. So, how do you find this buyer? Read a little further, and we will tell you. 

  • Selling Online is Selling For More.

A straightforward test for your buyer is whether they are online. Online buyers and sellers have lower overheads, so they can afford to pay you more for your ring. Again the test for your buyer is who is the end customer. Are they going to use your ring or resell it? The same is true for buyers online, and is the buyer online the final destination for your ring? If they promise to pay you in 48 hrs, the answer is no, they are not, and you are not unlocking the total value of your ring. The other test is how they are compensated for your ring purchase. You want a buyer whose interest aligns with your own. How do you find such a buyer? Your interest is the highest market value for your ring. What buyers online have this interest in line with yours? Are their customers the end destination or resellers? Remember to avoid buyers who resell your ring to get the most money. Below is a list of some prominent online buyers to prevent, as they are not the final destination for your diamond. 

Online Buyers To Avoid

(For Either Risk of Fraud or Lower Diamond Value)

  • Avoid overnight diamond buyers. (they are fast but need to make money reselling your diamond ring)

  • Avoid online diamond auctions that sell to resellers. ( they have become popular due to impressive marketing but are charging you a fee to sell your ring to a buyer that will turn around and resell it)

  • Avoid marketplaces with high fraud instances or not paying their sellers promptly. (some marketplaces do not have the procedures in place to protect your diamond ring from fraud or have a history of not paying sellers)

  • Where to Sell a Diamond Ring for More

So where can you sell to the end retail customer, and what buyer interests are aligned with your own? The following is a list of sellers who market your ring to the end buyer, not a reseller. Also, their fee structure is based on how much they sell your diamond ring.

Online Buyer To Consider-

  • Auction Houses online with a luxury client base sell to high-end retail clientele.

(example: Sotheby’s)

  • Auction house online that sells to retail customers

(example: Everything But The House)

  • Marketplaces for pre-owned diamond rings

(example: Diamocycle)

We favor the marketplace model, as we operate diamocycle. Our model uses technology to market your diamond ring for a meager service fee. Far less than an auction, and to the end retail customer. As a result, you get the highest net proceeds, and because our interests align with you, the seller will get the highest market price. Our business model is a straightforward path to the most money. In addition, we protect your diamond at every step of the process from fraud and make sure you are paid what you deserve. So, start selling with us now, and create a listing for free here.