Why, How, and Where to Buy Second-Hand Engagement Rings

Why, How, and Where to Buy Second-Hand Engagement Rings

Across our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, we discuss the many reasons you should buy a second-hand engagement ring and why purchasing a second-hand engagement ring is the savvy choice. Our legacy in diamonds and jewelry began in 1857, over 164 years ago. We take pride in giving you the best advice we would share with a valued customer. 

Why Buy a Second-Hand Engagement Ring

The most compelling reason to buy a second-hand engagement ring is that you are purchasing a ring at a value. Engagement rings go through several channels of mark-ups, and when you buy a ring new, you are paying all of these mark-ups. Therefore, you can save some depreciation expenses when you purchase an engagement ring. We like to compare second-hand engagement rings to cars. As soon as you drive it off the lot, you lose money. The same is true of second-hand engagement rings. Let’s use the car analogy. What if you only have the budget for a Toyota Corolla but could buy a used BMX sedan. Well, that’s the same for rings with a smaller budget, you can buy a used luxury engagement ring, and unlike cars, you don’t have to pay for repairs. So, buying used is the obvious choice. If you are an eco-conscious consumer, buying used helps support the environment. Diamond mining is not environmentally friendly, and you are opting for the ecologically sustainable choice by purchasing a recycled engagement ring. Producing lab-created manufactured diamonds requires tremendous energy, and recycling a second-hand ring is a low-carbon footprint method of diamond harvesting. So, we have given the top reason to buy a second-hand ring and how how to buy a second-hand ring. Our favorite way is online. 

How to Buy a Second-Hand Ring

The best way to purchase a second-hand engagement ring is online. There are many preferred ways to do this, depending on your budget and experience level. The top ways are online auctions for second-hand engagement rings and specialized marketplaces for second-hand engagement rings. If you are a savvy, experienced ring shopper, you could opt for the online auction for second-hand engagement rings. You must know your budget and have an idea of the value of the second-hand engagement ring so you do not overpay. This can be an exciting method of shopping. Our favorite places are Everything But The House for budget purchases and Sotheby’s for luxury purchases. Sotheby’s has a buyers premium and Every Thing But The House charges a fee for credit card transactions. You should receive a discount to retail if you do not overbid. Some buyers do overpay on these platforms as they are not savvy about the price of the ring they are shopping for. The marketplace for second-hand engagement rings is our preferred venue. A good marketplace offers a secure transaction, a third-party lab inspection, return options, and insured shipping. We operate one of these marketplaces, and we believe it is the best way to get a fair price if you are a novice shopper. 

Where to Buy a Second-Hand Engagement Ring

At Diamocycle, we offer a secure way to purchase luxury second-hand engagement rings from the comfort of your home. These are rings that have been listed for sale by the owner. We set the market price to ensure the buyer does not overpay. A third-party gem lab inspects the ring for authenticity and provides a written appraisal with an image. Shipping is insured for the price of the transaction, and your funds are held securely until the purchase is complete. The buyer has the option to return the second-hand ring if they are not happy. Also, we at Diamocycle do not believe in selling lab-created or treated diamond rings. Lab-created diamonds have a low resale value, and treated diamonds are low-quality diamonds that have been altered to improve their visual appearance. Start shopping here for a secure and simple way to purchase a second-hand ring risk-free. Diamocycle Marketplace