Why, How, and Where to Buy a Second Hand 2-Carat Diamond Ring

Across our publication the Diamocycle Dispatch we discuss the many places to buy a second-hand 2-carat diamond ring. We began our legacy in diamonds and jewelry in 1857, over 164 years ago. We take pride in giving you the best advice we would share with a valued customer. 

Why Buy a Second Hand 2 carat Diamond Ring

Diamonds like cars depreciate when purchased new. Diamonds go through many channels of mark-ups. When you purchase a diamond ring used it is possible to avoid the initial retail markup. While diamonds do appreciate over time it is impossible to make money buying a diamond from a new retail seller. Diamond rings go through multiple sellers before they reach a final retail buyer, and each must make a profit. When you purchase a ring used it is possible to avoid some of these mark-ups. Also, diamond mining has negative effects on the planet, and purchasing a recycled diamond ring is an environmentally friendly purchase. 

Where to Buy A Second Hand 2-Carat Diamond Ring

The best place to buy a second-hand 2-carat diamond ring is online. Online sellers have lower overhead than brick-and-mortar sellers. Our preferred venues are the auction format and the marketplace for pre-owned rings. The marketplace is the preferred venue overall for a number of reasons. Our favorite auctions are Sotheby’s and Everything But The House. Auctions is a very exciting place to shop, but there are a few considerations. The first is it is easy to overpay in an auction, and you must understand the market price of the ring your bidding on. Sotheby’s had an expensive buyers premium but is a fine place to shop for a luxury diamond ring. Everything But the House charges a small buyers premium for using a credit card. The other consideration is the ring cannot be returned, so you have to be absolutely confident with your purchase. Our preferred venue is the diamond-specific marketplace for pre-owned diamond rings.

How to Buy A Second Hand 2-Carat Diamond Ring

At Diamocycle we have a marketplace for pre-owned rings. The advantage of purchasing in the marketplace are several. We have a 3rd party gem lab inspect your ring prior to purchase. We set the market price, so buyers and sellers get a fair deal. Your ring is secure during transit. You get a full appraisal with your ring purchase. If you are not happy with your purchase you can return it. Your funds are securely held during the inspection process, and during the time you have to return the ring. The process is much safer than an auction, and you will get a fair price for a second-hand 2-carat ring. Start shopping here Diamocycle Marketplace