What Are Diamonds Worth?

What Are Diamonds Worth?

Across our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, we discuss the many factors contributing to what diamonds are worth. Our legacy in diamonds began in 1857, over 164 years ago. We take pride in giving you the best advice we would share with a valued customer. 

Diamonds Are Worth Different Prices to Different People

Diamonds have different values or prices depending on where you are in the diamond supply chain. Diamonds go through many channels of mark-ups. So there is no one price for a diamond. The price you will pay is different if you are a rough stone trader, diamond cutter, wholesale dealer, jeweler, or retail consumer. So, depending on where you are in the pipeline, the value of your diamond is not the same. The diamond’s worth is affected by the stone’s attributes. Every natural earth-mined diamond has unique characteristics, like a human fingerprint. These special attributes, called the 4’c create the value of the diamond. If you try and sell a diamond, you will get a different price from every person who makes you an offer. Remember that each diamond buyer is in a different place in the market, and the diamond has a different value depending on where they are in the distribution pipeline. The diamond has a higher value or price the farther down the distribution pipeline, so your goal is to reach the most distant point down the distribution channel and be charged a low service fee. 

Why Sell Online

Online sellers have lower operating costs than brick-and-mortar sellers. As a result, they can charge lower fees. Our preferred selling platforms are online sellers selling to retail customers, not wholesalers. Some auctions sell your diamonds very quickly to wholesalers. Remember, wholesale is not the final stopping point of the distribution channel. Our preferred online auctions are Sotheby’s for luxury diamonds. Everything But The House for less expensive diamonds. Our preferred selling venue is the online marketplace for diamonds. At Diamocycle, we have one, and we offer a low service fee. We market to retail customers, and you reach the farthest point of the pipeline. We provide a secure and protected transaction for both sellers and buyers. Start selling here, and submit your diamond to get a price today free of charge. Submit a Listing — Diamocycle