Top 5 Jewelry Buyers

Top 5 Jewelry Buyers

Across our Publication, The Diamocycle Dispatch, we discuss the many ways you could sell your jewelry. Our legacy in diamonds and jewelry was founded in 1857, over 150 years ago. We take pride in giving you the advice we would share with a valued customer. 

When choosing to sell jewelry, you must understand that new jewelry goes through several layers of mark-ups from multiple resellers, and you are unlikely to receive the amount you paid for the new jewelry. When selling jewelry, your goal should be to sell as far down the sales pipeline as possible. The ultimate goal is to sell to the final retail customer. Our preferred methods do this securely without the risk of fraud and with a low service fee. Any buyer who purchases your jewelry for cash locally or in a fast transaction online is  far down the sales pipeline. Selling to a reseller for a quick transaction will result in a low price for your jewelry. Our top 5 Jewelry Buyers or methods sell to retail customers, the final destination for jewelry. 

#5 A Friend or Associate

Selling to a friend or associate is a way to reach the farthest point in the distribution channel and not pay a fee. However, there can be some tricky social issues, and you must clarify that the sale is final. You can offer to have the jewelry appraised by a local gemologist before the sale. Remember that the appraisal value is for insurance and not the value one can hope to receive if they need to sell jewelry. Your friend or associate is the retail buyer and the final buyer in the distribution channel. 

#4 eBay

Selling on eBay can be tricky unless you have an eBay store, and buyers are unlikely to put much confidence in your jewelry. The risk of fraud is also real. However, eBay is a major player in selling previously owned jewelry. Our pro tip is to find someone with an eBay store and work with them to sell your piece. Have all the proper paperwork to complete the transaction. You are selling to a retail customer, which is the furthest point in the distribution pipeline. 

#3 Everything But The House

Everything But  The House is an online auction site for household estates. They sell jewelry, artwork, and all the possessions people owned. Their auctions are well marketed. They take excellent pictures and have an in-house gemologist verify the jewelry. Unlike some diamond auctions that sell to wholesalers Everything But The House sells to retailers, so you are selling to the furthest point in the distribution channel. 

#2 Sotheby’s Auction

Sotheby’s is an excellent place to sell your jewelry for rare gems. Again, you are selling to the wealthiest buyers for previously owned jewelry. Again you are reaching the final buyer in the distribution channel, which equals the highest possible price. 

#1  Diamocycle

Diamocycle is our marketplace for pre-owned jewelry. We provide a secure transaction for both buyers and sellers. We eliminate the risk of fraud. A 3rd  party gem lab inspects your jewelry. All shipping is insured,  and the funds are held securely until the transaction is complete. We set the market prices based on a proprietary formula and the global diamond market. We make sure sellers get a high fair market price. We charge a low service fee for completing a secure transaction. Start selling here. Submit a Listing — Diamocycle