Our Top 5 Places to Buy Used Rings For Less

Our Top 5 Places to Buy Used Rings For Less

Our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, discusses the many places to buy used rings. In this installment, we discuss our top picks for businesses to purchase used rings and give you our number one choice. Our family legacy in diamonds and jewelry began in 1857, over 164 years ago. We are proud to provide you with the advice we would give a valued customer. 

5. Everything But The House

Everything But The House is a non-jewelry-specific online auction. We believe it s a great place to buy used rings. The selection varies depending on the sale. The rings are most likely from an estate sale. Dealers have also been known are known to buy and sell on this website. A pro-tip is to try and buy from the special listed estate sales on the site, and you can get an original antique ring for sale by the owner. They do a great job photographing the listing and providing descriptions. They also have an onsite gemologist. Our one complaint is that a 3rd party gem lab tests, not everything. They also sell lab-created diamonds, so be aware when bidding. Shipping is not included, and there is a buyer’s expedited charge for using a credit card. 

Pros: A reasonable price, no buyers premium except the expedited charge.

Cons: No 3rd party appraisal and no return policy.

For a Budget:$500.00-15,000

4. Sotheby’s 

Sotheby’s online jewelry auction is our favorite place to buy an investment-quality used ring at a great price. The images are flawless, and the bidding process is simple. If you are knowledgeable and shopping for a luxury antique or vintage engagement ring and want a good deal, this is a great place to shop. We feel you can save much money instead of paying new retail luxury prices. This is for investment quality jewels, and one could pay about  ½ the retail price. A buyer’s premium is added on in addition to sales tax and is a hefty 20-25%, so be aware when looking at the sold listing prices that should be added into what will need to be paid. Here is a piece we wrote about diamond auctions. DIAMOND AUCTION ONLINE AND IN-PERSON — Diamocycle.   

Pros: High-value used rings and excellent images.

Cons: A hefty buyer’s premium and no returns. 

For a Budget: $10,000-1,000,000+

3. Cash America Pawn

This pawnshop chain is not to be overlooked for scoring a low-down deal for a used ring. We even created a guide on buying diamonds in a pawn shop. We are concerned that you must watch out and know what you’re doing. It is easy to get fooled by buying a lab-created diamond, treated diamond, or moissanite. This is the wild west of diamond buying, which does not mean you cannot score a deal. The market price for used rings varies greatly here, so be aware. A Diamocycle Guide to Selling or Buying Diamond Jewelry in a Pawn Shop

Pros: Cheap used rings can be found.

Cons: Lots of fakes, hard to find, and low-value items. They have limited return options. Lack of authenticity is a problem.

For a Budget:$100.00-500.00

2. A Friend or Colleague 

Buying a used ring from a friend is not a bad idea. A couple of Pro-tips are. First, have the ring appraised for a cash value by a gemologist before the transaction. We suggest paying to know more than 70% of the retail price of the used ring. Also, remember you cannot return the ring; this transaction can be socially trickery if it does not work out. That said, it could be a win-win scenario for you and your friend. 

Pros: You can help a friend and possibly get a reasonable price.

Cons: Trickery social implications, lack of authenticity, no return options, and limited choices. 

For a Budget:$500.00-$2000.00

1. Diamocycle Marketplace

Diamocycle is our marketplace for used rings. We have used rings in a marketplace that is verified for authenticity. We also have used rings with and without diamond center stones. A 3rd party gemologist inspects everything. Listings are updated daily, and there’s always a deal. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about fraud or a diamond simulant risk. The marketplace is the best place to buy used rings for sale by owners. You can find many fascinating used rings, including those with rare old Europeans, old mine cut diamonds, circular brilliant (transitional cuts), and antique cushion cuts. Many of the used diamonds are GIA certified. 

You can shop from the comfort of your home and even make an offer on a used ring. You don’t have to worry about the transactional risks associated with eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist. We set the market price, so you’re getting a fair deal. You can also make an offer on the used wedding ring. Again our family legacy was in diamonds and jewelry was founded in 1857, and we know reputations are hard to earn and easy to lose. You also have the option to return the listing, unlike a jewelry auction or buying from a friend. Start shopping herehttps://www.diamocycle.com/market-place

Pros: No buyers premium, authenticity inspected by 3rd party experts, advantages of the auction with the positives of a marketplace. You also can return the used engagement ring, which is not an option with an auction. 

Cons: Your selection is limited to what is posted on the marketplace. 

For a Budget: $500.00-$25,000