How and Where To Find The Best Used Diamond Rings For Sale

How and Where To  Find The Best Used Diamond Rings For Sale

Across our publication, The Diamocycle Dispatch, we discuss the many places you could find a used diamond ring for sale and the advantages of a used diamond ring. Our legacy in diamonds and rings began in 1857, over 164 years ago. We take pride in giving you the best advice we would share with a valued customer. 

How To Find Used Diamond Rings For Sale

Online sellers of used diamond rings have lower operating costs than brick-and-mortar jewelers. Shopping online for used diamond rings for sale is easy, and we have two preferred methods. The first for the experienced shopper is the online auction. Two excellent online auctions are Sotheby’s for luxury diamond rings and Everything But The House for more affordable rings. Sotheby’s charges a buyer’s premium but provides high-quality images, an inspection, and access to rare jewelry pieces. Everything But The House has an in-house inspection process and high-quality photos. A buyer shopping in an auction must know the market price for the used ring they are bidding on. The risk of overbidding to win an auction is real, so be aware of what your final bid, including the buyer’s premium, should be. Our preferred platform for buying used diamond rings is the online marketplace for jewelry. Remember, when purchasing in an auction, the sale is final, and the ring cannot be returned. Buyers should receive a discount for this final purchase price of at least 20% 

Where to Find Used Diamond Rings For Sale

At Diamocycle, we have an online marketplace for used diamond rings. We offer a secure way for buyers to purchase used diamond rings from sellers. We do this by having the ring inspected by a third-party expert gem lab. We hold the funds until the transaction is complete and have insured shipping. We also enable buyers to return the used ring if they are not happy. Lastly, we set the market price so buyers and sellers get a fair market price. We do this because we understand that determining the market price for a used diamond ring is very difficult, and the risk of overpaying is real. Start shopping here. Diamocycle Marketplace