7 Secrets for Buyers of the Old Mine Cut Diamond

7 Secrets for Buyers of the Old Mine Cut Diamond 


History of  Old Mine Cut Diamonds 

Why they are cut differently

Are they more or less expensive than a modern diamond?

How do they compare to Old European diamonds?

Why do celebrities love them?

Where do I find one for sale?

Price guide for an old mine cut diamonds. 

Across our publication, the Diamocycle Dispatch, we discuss the many places you could buy an antique diamond and how to get the best price purchasing a preowned diamond. Our family legacy in diamonds began in 1857, over 164 years ago. 

  1. History of  Old Mine Cut Diamonds 

Old mine cut diamonds were the most common shape like the round brilliant today from the Georgian period (1714-1837) through the Victorian era (1837-1901). However, the name came to mean any diamond with a squarish shape beginning as early as the 1700s. 

  1. Why are they cut differently?

Diamond cutters from this period used the diamond crystal’s octahedral shape. The shape of the diamond is rough, and the result of individual artisans has the effect of creating stones with dimensions unlike each other. Therefore, no two Old Mine cut diamond is the same. You can quickly identify a mine-cut diamond by its square shape. While the mine cut diamond does have 58 facets, its proportions, like a modern round-brilliant cut, it has proportions that are strikingly different. A higher crown, larger culet, and small table differentiate it from a modern cut diamond. 

  1. Are they more or less expensive than a modern diamond?

Mine cut diamonds were less expensive than modern diamonds, but their price has been trending up for the last 15 years due to scarcity and demand. We expect their prices to exceed the price of round brilliant cuts in the future. Therefore, one can expect to pay close to or slightly more than the price of a round brilliant cut diamond for a comparable mine cut diamond. 

  1. How do they compare to Old European diamonds?

In 1874 the machine called the bruting machine was invented. It gave diamond cutters the ability to cut rounder, more precise diamonds. The Old European was invented. Also, the proportions changed from the old European to the Mine Cut. The change in proportions affected the way diamonds reflected light and sparkled. 

  1. Why do Celebrities Love them?

Mine cut diamonds are unique. No two are alike. Our favorite celebrities like Natalie Portman love them. It showcases their taste for something from a begown era. Remember, each is crafted by hand. 

  1. Where do I find one for sale?

Mine cuts can be found for sale anywhere preowned jewelry is sold. Our favorite place is an online marketplace for preowned diamonds. Start shopping here. https://www.diamocycle.com/market-place

  1. Price guide for old mine Cut diamonds. ?

For Old Mine cut diamonds, prices change weekly but use our free tool here. 

https://www.diamocycle.com/diamond-value-calculator. Expect to pay 10-25% more based on the diamond’s unique characteristics and the seller’s business costs.