Natural Diamond Rings vs. Lab Created Diamond Rings

Natural Diamond Rings vs. Lab Created Diamond Rings-Expert Guide


The difference between Natural Rings and Lab Created Diamond Rings

What Are The Positives of Lab Created Diamond Rings

What Diamonds Are The Most Environmentally Friendly Natural  Diamond Rings

Diamonds are complex, and there are many ways that sellers can misrepresent used loose diamonds to the unsavvy consumer buying used jewelry. Lab-Created Diamond Rings are one of the ways sellers can trick buyers into thinking they got a good deal. Diamonds purchased through retail channels are a poor investment. Lab-Created Diamond Rings are an inferior purchase because of resale value. We discuss this and more below. 

Know the difference between Natural Diamond Rings and Lab Created Diamond Rings

A lab-created diamond ring  is chemically identical to an natural diamond ring. They look identical. Think of them as a vintage Ferrari replica. That looks, drives, and feels like the real thing and costs a fraction of the price. So, what is the problem? If you’re buying a copy and are happy, that’s fine, but you would not expect to pay the same amount if you’re buying a real vintage car. Also, lab-created diamond rings every year are going down in production costs. More players are making them as the technology gets less expensive. Therefore, their value is ever going down. So, unlike a rare vintage car that goes up or tracks with inflation, a manufactured diamond is a depreciating asset no different from a home appliance purchase. As production increases, they are getting less scarce and less valuable each year, leading to an ever-decreasing jewelry resale value. Also, when you try to sell them, there’s very little understanding in the wholesale market as to their value. As a result, there are far fewer interested buyers to purchase them than an earth mined diamond. Therefore, lab-created diamond rings carry financial risks, and we do not recommend you purchase them. 

What are the Positives of Lab Created Diamond Rings

There are positives to lab-created diamond rings, and we think that is the big look you get for the money. You get a larger stone that has all of the qualities of a diamond with a reduced price tag. Think of a lab-created diamond-like human clone—a clone born in the lab, not through nature. Well, that’s a little creepy, but we say if it makes you happy, who are we to judge. It’s kind of like you had your spouse created in a lab, and well, you paid for an average person and ended up with one that looks like a celebrity. I mean, that is not all bad. But, the reality is this is your secret, and no one has to know. 

What Diamond Rings are the Most Environmentally Friendly

We argue that recycled diamonds from repurposed rings are the most environmentally friendly. A lab-created diamond does take quite a lot of energy to produce. We think recycling is the way to go if you want to purchase one, start shopping here. Buyer’s Guide — Diamocycle. We also believe that recycled diamond engagement rings are the way to go if you are looking for value in a natural diamond. They will be a considerable value over a new diamond ring and will not depreciate as much. Also, they are a more intelligent financial choice than a lab-created diamond ring. 


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