How to Buy Old European Cut Diamonds

How to Buy Old European Cut Diamonds-

A guide to where to buy Antique cut diamonds. 

How To Buy an Old European Cut Diamond? 

Why Buy an Antique Cut Diamond

(Old European, Old Mine, Antique Cushion, Circular Brilliant)

Where to Buy an Antique Cut Diamond

What Colors are Acceptable to Purchase in an Antique Cut Diamond?

Additional Resources: Examples and Technical Specifications of Antique Diamonds. 

Why Buy an Antique Cut Diamond?

Antique diamonds are not for everyone. However, I have a personal affinity for them. Being born into a family legacy in the diamond and jewelry business stretching back to 1857, I appreciate the craftsmanship required to make them. The older they are, the less uniform in shape. No two are quite the same. As technical tools advanced through the ages, diamonds have become more similar in style and form. The modern ideal cut diamond is something that I can appreciate, but it looks like a computer faceted it without the touch of human hands. Now, behold the beauty of an antique diamond with unique geometric lines. Antique diamonds have a softer reflection of light, a memory of a bygone era. 

Antique diamonds as a Smart Finacial  Purchase

We believe that Antique diamonds are a more intelligent financial choice than modern brilliants. 

Reduced Supply of Old European Diamonds

Old European diamonds were hard to sell in the 1960-the 2000s. Many were recut into modern brilliant-cut diamonds or modern cushion cut diamonds. So, there are fewer of them available on the market. 

Increased Demand for Old European Diamonds

In the last 20 years, these diamonds have surged in popularity. Second, no one is making more of the original old Europeans. Some cutters are making copies of old European cut diamonds, and we would advise not to purchase a replica of the original. 

Higher Prices for Old European diamonds

Third, some Old European cut diamonds are higher in price than modern brilliants. 

Best Investment Colors for Old European Diamonds

We believe the whiter color range, which is very scarce for Old Europeans, is still the place to shop for investment potential. (D,E,F,G)

Values In Lower Color Range for Old European Diamonds

Suppose you’re seeking a value shop in the lower color range for antique cut diamonds (K, L, M, N). We discuss what colors are acceptable for antique cut diamonds and why modern standards cannot judge them. 

Future Demand Trends of Old European Diamonds

If pricing trends continue, antique diamonds will become more valuable than modern cuts. They also clearly differentiated themselves from Lab-Created diamonds. In our opinion, this is very good from an investment and resale position. 

Best Shape for Antique Diamonds Future Investment Potential 

For shapes for the best investment, a well-made Old European would be hard to beat, A Mine Cut and Antique Cushion next, and a Circular Brilliant last. The Circular Brilliant could be an excellent way to get an antique cut stone at a value. Also, purchasing an Antique cushion that was not designated as a mine-cut diamond is an intelligent choice. As would be a circular brilliant, but you have to know to have some helpful assistance. GIA does not currently specify the word “Antique” Cushion cuts that are antique by anyone’s standards, fashioned over 100 years ago. So, understanding what an Antique cushion is required knowledge and a reputable source. 


Where to buy Old European Cut Diamonds?

(including Old Mine Cut, Antique Cushion, Circular Brilliant) 

1. Buying Old European Diamonds from Consignment Jewelry Near me?

2. Pawn Shops &  Old European Cut Diamonds

3. Old European Cut Diamonds at Fine Auction Houses

4. Should you ever buy Old European Diamonds on eBay? 

5. Critics Pick: Used Diamond Specific Online Marketplaces

6. Buy Old European Rings from My Friends?

Our Selection: Where is the best place to buy Antique Cut diamonds? 

(Old European, Old Mine, Antique Cushion, Circular Brilliant)

1. Buying OLd European Diamonds from Consignment Jewelry Stores


  • You can try on Old European cut diamond jewelry in person

  • A used jewelry store near me. 

  • You might have an existing relationship with your neighborhood jeweler.

  • You might be able to negotiate the price in person with the jeweler if you pay in cash.

  • You can trade in an existing gold or diamond jewelry item as part of the deal. 


  • Jewelry stores that buy old European diamonds have extensive overhead operating costs and charge a hefty markup to make a small profit.

  • You are not getting extensive choices in old European cut engagement rings

  • There are no guidelines for setting a market price on previously owned diamonds in a brick and mortar jewelry store. 

  • Jewelers often charge retail prices, not wholesale prices, for jewelry, so they will likely inflate the retail price of this item to represent their understanding of the market.

  • Check out our complete guide to buying used diamonds here.

2. Pawn Shops &  Old European Diamonds


  • You could purchase a deal on an Old European, Old Mine Cut, Antique Cushion, or Circular Brilliant.

  • Diamond jewelry for less. 

  • Pawnshops give jewelry loans, so they own used diamonds at low costs so that they may sell you a large diamond at a low price.

  • Pawnshops can be flexible in their prices, and savvy customers can use their negotiating skills to save money. 

  • Pawnshops have an ever-changing inventory, so checking frequently and acting fast with cash in hand is a must when shopping for second-hand wedding rings at a pawnshop.

  • Check out our complete guide to buying and selling used diamonds at a pawn shop. A Diamocycle Guide to Selling or Buying Diamond Jewelry in a Pawn Shop


  • Pawnshops have limited ways to test for synthetic and diamond simulants, and you could purchase one of these unintentionally.

  • Pawnshops generally do not employ trained staff knowledgeable enough to identify treated diamonds. Treated is the term used to describe diamonds that undergo procedures to improve their appearance. As a result, they are significantly less valuable than unaltered diamonds.

  • Used wedding rings are not certified as authentic.

  • Pawnshops do not regulate their prices by any market other than store or chain policy, so there is no pricing standardization. Check our diamond price calculator here. Diamond Price Calculator — Diamocycle

3. Old European Cut Diamonds at Diamond Auction ( Fine Auction Houses)


  • Old European rings priced in the six-seven figure range are not uncommon. 

  • For the wealthy, a way to monetize or invest in antique jewelry

  • A steep discount to retail and the suggested platform for buying valuable and important used jewelry with a storied provenance. 

  • Depending on the auction timing, attendance, and overall economy, purchasing at market price or below market price for a preowned luxury item is possible.

  • Buyers have accessibility to significant collections of jewelry from the estates of collectors. 

  • A genuinely riveting shopping experience. 


  • A knowledgeable concierge can add value when shopping in this ring auction. In addition, consumers would be wise to hire an expert advisor to guide them on jewelry resale value. 

  • Diamond auctions are a market for the ultra-wealthy and are not assessable to the average person who buys and sells diamonds. 

  • Diamonds fluctuate in value, and an investor can quickly lose money buying or selling in a diamond auction.

  • A buyer’s premium is a standard policy of diamond auctions. 

  • See our piece on diamonds as an investment. What to Know Before You Begin to Invest in Diamonds — Diamocycle




4. Buy Old European Diamonds on eBay?


  • eBay has thousands of preowned jewelry to purchase, so you will not run out of options as a diamond jewelry buyer. 

  • eBay has recently employed the services of to make your shopping experience safer for used luxury jewelry. 

  • Buyers give feedback and can choose to shop from vetted stores.

  • eBay is a proven marketplace and takes a relatively low fee.


  • eBay is a complex market for consumers who wish to buy preowned jewelry as there is no market guideline for pricing.

  • Historically fraud has been an issue for buyers and sellers transacting on eBay. As a result, there is no independent 3rd party verification before receiving or returning the used diamond item. 

  • It is possible to pay a retail price for a used diamond ring.

  • Return policies can be tricky to navigate. 

  • See our piece on Buying a used diamond ring here.

5. Critics Pick: Used Diamond Specific Marketplaces


  • A marketplace that is entirely devoted to selling and buying used diamond rings.

  • Fine jewelry resale online. 

  • Buy consignment jewelry online. 

  • A diamond-specific marketplace is an excellent place to find GIA-certified diamond rings. 

  • Deep discounts on second-hand jewelry.

  • Low markup on engagement rings. 

  • Safeguards are in place to buy Old European engagement rings. 

  • Diamocycle has a large selection of Old European Antique Cushion; Old Mine cut loose diamonds to choose from. 


  • Not all marketplaces have strict listing policies, so it is essential to know if they sell “treated” synthetic or diamond simulants.

  • Not all marketplaces provide escrow services for buyers.

  • Not all marketplaces have a 3rd party gem lab to inspect the used diamond jewelry before purchase.

  • Not all marketplaces set pricing for sellers, so this is important to be aware of the marketplace’s pricing policy.

  • Check out our preferred diamond-specific marketplace here. Diamocycle Marketplace

6. Buy Old European Diamond from My Friend?


  • You’re helping a friend get cash for their Old European diamond.

  • You are safer than shopping on craigslist with a friend buying or selling diamonds for cash.

  • You get to see the discount engagement ring in person before purchasing.

  • You could get an excellent price on a previously owned diamond ring. 


  • Tricky social interaction

  • Minimal choice of antique diamond jewelry

  • Risk of unknowingly purchasing a diamond simulant, treated diamond, or fake diamond.

  • Inability to return or receive credit for a diamond purchased with cash. 

  • Check out our content on How to tell if a diamond is natural. Here. How to Tell if a Diamond is Real — Diamocycle



Why Buy Your Old European Diamond from an Online Jewelry Marketplace?

We want you to pay a fair and honest price for your old European diamond or antique engagement ring. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you begin (and hopefully) end your search for where to purchase a preowned engagement ring online with a used diamond marketplace. 

Given that they’re online – when you purchase an old European diamond online, you’ll eliminate the fees added to your diamond sale price that local consignment jeweler needs to charge to cover their physical overhead. And beyond that, their expertise and niche in the market allow them to market lower prices for preowned engagement rings and, as a result, offer you a fair and reasonable price on used diamonds. So, given the combination of fast, secure, and fair market prices, buying online from a diamond marketplace truly is the place to buy a preloved diamond ring.  

Diamocycle is proud to help Buyers get fair prices for diamonds in our secure marketplace. Buyer’s Guide — Diamocycle 

 We also assist sellers in capturing an honest price for their diamonds. Sellers can submit a Listing — Diamocycle. Our Family’s legacy in the diamond jewelry business was founded in 1857, over 165 years ago. 

What Colors are Acceptable for Old European Cut Diamonds?

One of the incredible things about old European cut diamonds is that they do not show face-up color the same way. Face up color is from the top of the diamond looking down as you would naturally see them mounted in a ring. So typically, an antique cut diamond will appear two colors grades whiter than a modern brilliant. 

Diamonds of this era were worn in the lower color grades ( L, M, N). These warmer color grades were common, and Antique diamonds can be stunning in these color grades. So, while diamond experts often say do not buy a modern brilliant cut diamond lower than a (J Color), and online marketplaces like Blue Nile do not stock modern brilliant-cut diamonds below a (J color).  Old European cut, Old Mine cut, Antique Cushions, and Circular brilliants are acceptable to purchase in these lower color grades. Very white antique diamonds are much less common and can command a much higher price premium than a modern brilliant cut diamond as there are no comparables for sale on any wholesale market. Start shopping here for Antique cut diamonds at Diamocycle Marketplace

Over 164 years in the jewelry trade, we’ve built a business and our legacy on trust and impeccable customer service. Over five generations, we’ve continued to take our reputation seriously and still place our integrity over profit. We truly stand by the notion that a reputation is hard to earn but easy to lose. 

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