Inheriting a Diamond: How to Make Decisions in a Time of Grief

In moments of grief and loss, there are often many decisions to be made, and the decision making process can be overwhelming and isolating. 

For those of you who are in the midst or may be anticipating a time of difficulty, we offer our sympathies and condolences, and gently offer you this simple framework to help you navigate this tragic moment. 


1. Take Time to Breathe. You are in a moment of transition and change, and we encourage you to take the time you need to process your emotions and your loss. While there are seemingly many decisions ahead, take the time you need to make those decisions with as much clarity and calmness as you can. It can all wait. 


2. Examine the Diamond.  Once you’re in a place to make your decision, we recommend taking a moment to examine the piece you’ve inherited.

If it’s not a piece of jewelry that you envision yourself wearing, either due to fit, aesthetic, or personal style, please know there is no shame in selling a piece of jewelry. In lieu of holding onto an item that you’ll never use, you instead honor the memory of your loved one by using the funds for an aim much more aligned to your goals or dreams, a thing surely your loved one would have wanted for you. If you decide to sell your piece of fine jewelery, know that we, at Diamocycle, would be honored to help you with this, oft tricky transaction. 

If you decide to keep the piece, it’s worth considering if you want to wear the piece as is, pass it on to someone who would appreciate it more, or have it repurposed into a piece of jewelry more matching your tastes. 

Again, as this is a highly personal matter, there is no right choice, simply the choice that you feel would allow you to get the most utility and joy out of the fine jewelry left to you. 

We also recommend reading Starting Again: How to Move Forward after Moments of Monumental Change to further guide your decision making during this extraordinary time. 


3. Find a Trusted Source. Lastly, whether you’re keeping or selling a diamond, you’ll want to make sure your decision making process concludes with putting diamond in the hands of someone you trust. 

If you’re keeping the diamond, we entreat you to make sure it is in a location or setting where it is secure. 

If you’re selling the diamond, you’ll first want to get it appraised by someone you know will not only give you the best value for the diamond, but who also will take the utmost of caution with the diamond.  Diamocycle takes the utmost care in making sure your diamond is insured and secured in all steps of the appraisal process, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about Our Process. Feel free to Contact Us at any time.

We’re here for you.  Wishing you the calm, clarity, and strength needed for this challenging time.