How to Move Forward After Life Changes

Here at Diamocycle, we are deeply invested in your emotional, financial, and physical well-being. Given the constantly changing news, we are proud to continue this series of articles intended to help you weather the current moment.

As communities and economies begin to re-open, we encourage you to take a quick personal audit to help inform your new steps towards a prosperous, sustainable, and secure future.

Physical Audit

As life slowly begins to return back to normal, take a moment to evaluate your physical health and home. What regular routines of maintenance have gone undone? What small home projects or personal health habits might you want to begin to signal the start of a new chapter? What needs mending, tending, or beginning? The toll of the past few months, undoubtedly, have been both physical and psychic. What small habits or steps might you begin with to signal the start of a new, empowered moment?

If you’re curious to start a meditation habit or tackle a decluttering project, we recommend reading Minimalism as Self-Care, a past installment in our self-care series. We’re also curious to hear what else needs doing in your life! As always, feel free to drop us a line.

Financial Audit

It’s highly likely your income and spending patterns have changed during the past few months. If you’ve saved, how might you use the money towards your long-term financial goals? If you’ve ended up dipping into saves (many of us have!), how might you either make up the gap or begin a financial initiative to help you feel financially secure as you and your community start back up?

While there are many budgeting tools available, we also encourage you to use the work from your physical audit to also see if there’s any items in your house that you might wish to declutter or sell. Obviously, we, at Diamocycle, are always here to assist regarding the sale of fine jewelery, but as always, we encourage you to look holistically at your assets. If you’re contemplating whether it’s an appropriate moment to sell a diamond, we suggest our past piece, Should I Sell My Diamond During the COVID-19 Epidemic?, which offers a helpful framework regarding the decision to move a diamond along.

Likewise, we highly recommend reading Creating Financial Security in The New Economy: Generating Income to help you bring health to your financial situation, no matter how difficult it may currently feel, to a place of stability and security.

Emotional Audit

Lastly, and most importantly, we encourage you to take a little time to take care of yourself. How have you denied yourself joy in this past time? How can you take care of yourself to bring more happiness into your home and your community? Whether it’s be letting go of old items, exercising more, or engaging in a new hobby, we strongly encourage you taking some time to nurture yourself and those around you. It’s been an exhausting time. Like you, we can’t wait to return to normal – and we hope that you’re taking a moment to find something that’ll bring joy to your life.

Whether it’s by meditation, doing something fun, or treating yourself – we support you in your quest for joy.

We’re here for you. Here’s to times ahead.

Your Family Jeweler,