Minimalism as Self-Care 

At its heart, Diamoycle is deeply invested in improving the quality of our customer’s lives through offering support, security, and excellent customer service, even in the most fraught of times. 

Given the current climate, we are excited today to offer you a small feature about Minimalism as Self-Care for these pressing times. We imagine your days, like ours, are filled with even great financial, personal, and emotional concerns. As a result, we’d like to offer you the following tips to help you finish your days with a little more zen than you began. 

Minimalism in Time 

  1. Breathe: No matter how busy you are, you have to breathe. You must breathe! Even in your most jammed of times, attempt to be still by taking three deep breaths. If you can, take three more. Despite the chaos around us, we encourage you to take moments of stillness. 

  2. Meditate: If you have a little more time, we highly suggest meditating. Even if it’s just for a minute or two! The military released a study showing that 15 minutes a day of meditation has a profound impact in the quality life of their service men. That said, even if you can’t get 15 minutes – 5 can do wonders.  

    Some great meditation apps with great free functionality are: Calm | Headspace | Insight Timer 

  3. Prioritize & Let Go: If silence in time and thought seem to be beyond you, we suggest and recommend that you prioritize the top things you need to get done today and try to let the rest go. Time is finite. How we respond to it will allow us to find space and calm within it. Here’s a great read on prioritizing and finding space again in your time. 

Minimalism in Space 

  1. Small Tidies: It’s long been shown that your surroundings can have a big impact in your interior life. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment to clean, organize, and tidy the world around you and you might feel a little more organized inside as well. 

  2. Make Cleaning a Game: In Zen Habits, Leo Babauta talks about “Burst Cleaning,” or cleaning in intense bursts for greater impact. For those of you on home-schooling and work-from-homing, we suggest making cleaning a game, or enlisting the help of your little ones to “organize” or tidy one area or space in a very specific way that they can comprehend. In this way, you’re not only focusing the time and energies of your children, but hopefully, you’re cleaning and simplifying your own home as well. 

  3. Kon-Mari & Let Go: Kon-Mari is the current expert on “decluttering” and letting things go if they don’t “spark joy.” While Diamocycle is, of course, the honored recipient for any jewelry pieces that don’t “spark(le) joy”- we encourage you to take a whole home audit and take some time to simplify, declutter, and let go of the objects that you no longer want or use. In this time of need, donating or gifting an item you no longer need to a neighbor might be an amazing way to both simplify your life and create goodwill in yourself and your community. 

This is a busy time, full of deep pain, anxiety, and concern. That said, we, at Diamocycle, believe in staying focused on what’s important to us, and using it as a north star to moor us in uncertain times. For us, that’s you, our customer. We know that, plain and simple. And in this moment of confusion, we’d love to offer you a few tips towards minimalism as self-care, to hopefully help you heal, focus, and recharge during these long weeks. 

We’re here for you.